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Box Lunch Menu
All Gourmet Box Sandwiches Include: Chips, Fresh Fruit, Dessert and Chilled Beverage Prices range from $15.00 - $17.00 each
The Club Turkey, Ham and Bacon Lettuce and Tomato  Wheat Bread   The Executive Curry Chicken or Tuna Salad  Fresh Croissant  The Gourmet Smoked Turkey Brie, Cranberry Apple Compote Rustic Roll
All Gourmet Box Salads Include: Chips, Fresh Fruit, Dessert and Chilled Beverage
Spinach Salad Fresh Spinach Soy Nuts, Diced Bacon Goat Cheese Pickled Red Onion Apple Cider Vinaigrette  The Cobb Romaine lettuce Boiled Egg, Tomatoes, Bacon Avocado, Sweet Green Peas Blue cheese Honey Mustard Dressing Chicken Caesar Salad Chopped Romaine Parmesan Cheese, Croûtons Caesar Dressing   Asian Chicken Salad Mixed Greens, Cabbage, Carrots Mandarin Oranges, Toasted Cashews Soy Vinaigrette Box Salad Menu The Italian Capacola Ham, Salami and Pepperoni Provolone Cheese Artichoke Olive Tapenade Herb Focaccia  It’s A Wrap Classic Chicken Caesar Salad  Diced Bacon Whole Wheat Tortilla  In The Bag Sandwich Selection Choice of Ham, Turkey and Roast Beef Choice of Cheddar, Swiss and Provolone Hoagie t Contact Executive Chef Paul Spadora 907-865-9816
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