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SEPTEMBER 09/10/2013: Pico DeGallo 09/17/2013: Jalapeno Poppers 09/24/2013: Stuffed Cabbage OCTOBER 10/01/2013: Root Veggie Gratin 10/22/2013: Bread Pudding NOVEMBER 11/05/2013: Smoked Salmon Mousse 11/19/2013: Buttermilk Pie 11/26/2013: Oyster Dressing DECEMBER 12/10/2013: Candied Yams 12/31/2013: 7 Layer Dip
JANUARY 01/14/2014: Big Game Chili 01/21/2014: Jambalaya 01/28/2014: Chimichuri Sauce FEBRUARY 02/04/2014: Mac and Cheese 02/17/2014: Fresh Vinegrette 02/24/2014: Roasted Asparagus MARCH 03/04/2014: Brussel Sprouts 03/11/2014: Shrimp Salad 03/18/2014: Turkey Meatloaf 03/25/2014: Green Chili Pork APRIL 04/08/2014: Fried Eggplant 04/15/2014: Sweet Chili Salmon
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